A Career in Insurance

A Career in Insurance: Not as Boring as You May Think

A career in insurance generally gets a bad rap: It’s a humdrum, 9-5 desk job, it’s repetitive, it lacks purpose, it’s too sales-oriented, the work environment is uninspiring and the industry hasn’t changed in decades…

These are just a few of the many misconceptions that surround our profession. Clearly, the insurance industry has an image problem. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a binge-worthy Netflix series about what we do? 

But, don’t worry, we’re not bitter…We love what we do, and the team at Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group is here to reveal the truth: A career in insurance is not as boring as you may think. 

4 Reasons to Choose a Career in Insurance & Employee Benefits

Find fulfillment in helping people.

At its roots, insurance is about helping people and their businesses. It is a fulfilling, service-oriented career. The industry promotes the common good by protecting families and businesses when tragedy strikes. 

KWIG’s Director of Personal Client Relationships, Liz, said “helping people and building relationships” is what she enjoys most about working in the insurance industry. Likewise, Becky, a Commercial Lines Account Manager, said, “I enjoy being able to help my clients protect their business and their livelihood.” Further, Erin, an Employee Benefits Account Manager, explained, “Health insurance can be very confusing, so I enjoy educating and assisting with difficult claims issues, billing, and explaining the ins and outs of benefit plans. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference and taking some of the burden off of our clients.”

Be captivated by ever-changing challenges.    

While it’s rumored that insurance is repetitive and unchanging, this could not be further from the truth. Laws are frequently changing, new risks are constantly emerging, and technology is continually evolving. Commercial Lines Account Manager, Jennifer noted, “I love that the industry is always changingwhen asked why she enjoys working in insurance.  

Plus, each industry and client faces unique risks and challenges. “I’ve been in insurance for 40 years now,” said Philip, a Property & Casualty Advisor at KWIG. “I was a sales professional in another industry prior to insurance and I was crazy bored. I knew what I would be doing on any given week, two years in advance. The ‘sameness’ gave me no mental satisfaction. As an advisor, every client is different and so are their needs.” 

Discover satisfaction in problem solving. 

Each day presents a problem-solving opportunity. We make a difference by solving problems to help clients mitigate risks and/or recover from a loss. As an Account Manager on KWIG’s Strategic Team, Madison Claire, commented, “There’s always something new and interesting to learn in insurance. It’s the perfect blend to satisfy intrigue and utilize problem-solving skills. My favorite characteristic of the risk management and insurance industry is that the answer is always, ‘It depends.’ The same solution doesn’t always work for the same problem, so you have to look at multiple angles and find the right set of solutions that work for your client’s needs. One small detail can change the entire game, so you are truly never bored!” 

Similarly, Gene, an Employee Benefits Advisor, said, “More and more, employers, business owners, and decision makers face challenges of talent attraction/retention and cost containment. The need to create benefits programs to meet these challenges has grown ever more acute, particularly as we emerge from the tumult of the COVID era. I chose a career in the employee benefits industry for this reason – to help these individuals and their employees overcome these challenges through partnership and advocacy.”  

Enjoy job security and endless opportunities. 

Insurance is a career you can count on. Employee Benefits Account Manager Janie said it best, “everyone needs insurance, so I know it will be an industry that never dies.” With similar sentiment, Phillip pointed out, “It’s a hidden gem career with multiple facets of interest, not to mention plenty of job security.” 

Despite the insurance industry’s essential role, it faces a talent crisis with a large percentage of insurance professionals expected to retire. With so many seasoned employees retiring, now is the time to get in, learn from seasoned veterans, and accelerate your career in insurance. Wilson emphasized, “If a person coming out of college today is willing to learn, work hard, set and meet goals, this business can provide satisfaction and income, like no other.”

Ready to launch your career in the insurance industry? There are a wide variety of roles in insurance, and some are incredibly easy to jump right into. From financial analytics to customer service to marketing and sales to information technology and everything in between, there’s a place for you to put your passion for people and skills to work. 

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