Why Choose Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group as Your Insurance Agent

Why Choose Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group

After more than 70 years in the insurance business, Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group (KWIG) has worked with established businesses, start up companies and everything in between. We have the expertise required to devise a new insurance program together, as well as the forte to look with fresh eyes at an existing program in order to customize it for today’s challenges and risks. 

Are you interested in working with a new insurance agent? Here are 4 reasons to choose KWIG based on feedback we have received from real clients:

We are a team of independent insurance agents

Working with an independent insurance agent rather than a direct writing agent has its advantages. As a representative of one company, direct writing agents are often tied to certain coverages and stringent pricing. Basically, there’s not much “wiggle room.” 

When you work with an independent agent, you gain stability, freedom of choice, flexibility to evolve, comprehensive consultation, personalized communication and more. For instance, with an independent agent, you will not be forced to leave the agent you have come to know and trust when a change in product offering occurs that impacts your coverage. 

Elaine Presley, an Account Executive with KWIG, said it best: “As an independent agent, the relationships I maintain with both my clients and insurance company partners allow me to marry the two of them together. The ability to pivot has never been more valuable to my clients as the insurance landscape has changed drastically due to the pandemic.”      

We offer expertise to inform your insurance decisions

Insurance coverage can be complicated and fraught with technical terminology and language. Good news – we talk the talk. We are here to help you interpret the insurance world and offer expertise that informs your insurance decisions.  

KWIG has been an instrumental partner for us as we manage and grow our portfolio. The team’s diligence, thoroughness, and honesty enable us to make the best insurance decisions for our properties. We have and will continue to recommend KWIG to other commercial real estate owners and managers,” Andy Wolf of Sidford Capital LLC shared.  

We serve as experts in the unexpected. As specialists in the industries we serve, we have strong relationships within our clients’ worlds and are aware of the newest threats to their businesses and the latest sales trends. Plus, we have a network of introductions to help our clients thrive. 

We initiate innovative insurance solutions and specialized coverages

No cookie-cutter coverages here! Our goal is proper coverage for your business’s unique risks. We ask deliberate questions to better understand the problem at hand and explore creative solutions until we meet our client’s needs. We assess their overall risk, learn about their businesses. evaluate their risk portfolios and customize insurance solutions just for them, including insurance products, loss prevention and third-party HR resources. 

Prior to working with KWIG, The Avenue Community Church relied on a direct writer. When the direct writer was no longer able to provide the insurance coverage they needed, Stephen Copeland, the Director of Ministry Operations, contacted Elaine for more robust, specialized coverage.

“When it came time to look elsewhere for insurance, Elaine was my first call. She answered all of our questions, worked on our timeline even as new insurance needs came up quickly,” Stephen said. “A big benefit of working with KWIG has been the ability to shop different plans. We are hopeful to establish a long-term relationship that will allow us to continue to get the best deal on insurance moving forward. The ability to diversify our quotes and have somebody between us and the insurance company to educate and lead us with their expertise is invaluable.” 

We believe strength is built in long-term relationships

Focused on client-driven customer service, we strive to partner with our clients and are committed to their long-term success. By virtue of the client relationships that we have built over the years, we have made a practice of immersing ourselves in their businesses. We get to know their operations, learn firsthand the exposures they face, delve into the unexpected so we can explore risk solution strategies.

Anderson Capital Partners shared, “We switched to Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group because they saved us so much premium on our hotel group. We’ve stayed with them because of the service and value they provide.”

Our hospitable culture stems from the belief that strength is built in relationships. It’s the close relationships we have with our insureds that motivates us to work hard on their behalf to ensure they are not only properly covered, but also getting the best rates. 

Be Protected for The Unexpected

Contact an expert at Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group to review and discuss your insurance, risk management and employee benefits programs. Whether we’re protecting your business, your employees or your loved ones, we provide you with tailored solutions to the problems you don’t see coming.