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One of the core elements of the work environment at Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group (KWIG) is family. The company, which now offers multiple lines of personal and business insurance, was originally formed to support another famous Memphis company born from a family vacation.

KWIG values family, entrepreneurial spirit

Kemmons Wilson created Holiday Inn so that weary travelers could be welcomed into a familiar setting, and Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group grew along with it to support the needs of the emerging hospitality industry. Wilson was known for his appreciation of the value of family and the importance of hard work.

Today, Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group is a full-service insurance brokerage providing risk management and insurance solutions for families and businesses throughout the mid-South and the U.S.  They offer insurance products in personal and commercial property casualty coverages and a full-range of employee benefits to businesses. The company works with a variety of industries, including aviation, transportation, construction, nonprofits, real estate, manufacturing, distribution and life sciences. Although their services have expanded with the growth of the company, the values of their founder remain foundational to company operations.

Wilson’s entrepreneurial spirit has been woven into the culture of the company, which empowers employees to do whatever is necessary to serve clients in extraordinary ways. Team members are encouraged to take initiatives that accelerate their personal development and the attainment of personal and team goals. The company believes that this is much more effective than excessive criticism that can hinder the ownership mentality they try to foster. Associates who are supported and encouraged are generally happier in their job and more satisfied with their work.

Happy employees are valuable assets in an industry that depends greatly on trusted relationships with their representatives. This often translates into referrals, which have been a large contributor to the company’s rapid growth. For this reason, KWIG looks for candidates who share their family values, a list of principles called “The Wilson Way.” These values include humility, integrity, respect, excellence, service and stewardship. Employees must also be highly competent in an industry that is always developing and changing.


When adding members to our team, we look for individuals who are well-rounded in business, technology and customer service. Those that become the most successful in our organization have a thirst for learning and a passion to become the best they can be. Being a great cultural fit is extremely important as well. They adapt well to rapid change, are eager to participate in team decisions, are passionate about serving our clients and enjoy a family-oriented environment.

[footer]Dave Thomas, CEO[/footer]


The KWIG team treats each other like family, understanding that the success of the entire team depends on the willingness of individuals to help each other succeed. Servant leadership is taken seriously; the primary responsibility of leaders is to help team members develop and grow. No one person’s success is more important that the success of the entire team.

KWIG is also dedicated to serving the Memphis community that is their home. From the very start, Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group has demonstrated a dedication to community involvement and support. Committed to making Memphis a better place for everyone, they encourage associates to volunteer for causes that are important to them.


As a company, we organize community service projects for our associates to participate in as a team. This past year our team has focused its volunteering efforts on the Memphis Union Mission (MUM). MUM ministers to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of men, women and families who are homeless, addicted and in crisis.

[footer]Eric Collison, VP – Commercial Client Relationships[/footer]


By thoroughly investing in the people of their community, KWIG is able to fulfill its mission to improve the lives of the people they serve.