Because Murphy Had a Law

Because Murphy Had a Law

By: Cindy Klatt, CIC, CRM, CWCA, Chief Operating Officer at Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group

Murphy’s Law plays a big role in the insurance world. Never heard of Murphy’s Law? It is the philosophy that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

While businesses try to prepare for all that can go wrong, they often plan for what are considered “normal risks,” such as straightforward slip and fall accidents. But more often than not, an unexpected situation or challenge arises that they didn’t anticipate. 

For example, restaurants take every step they can to ensure each customer receives a delicious plate of food. But things, like a customer chipping a tooth on something in the dish, still happen. 

A hotel may decide to be pet-friendly to appeal to more guests and prepare for the common risks, such as pest infestation or property damage, but is the hotel really equipped to host exotic animals with unpredictable behavior? 

Businesses in Texas are generally prepared for tornadoes and hurricanes, but winter storms like the one we saw back in February, not so much. 

Likewise, an apartment complex may employ armed guards to secure their entry and exit gates in the anticipation of break-ins. However, the apartment complex may not anticipate an impatient resident entering through the exit gate and filing suit for emotional distress when the armed guard jumps out to stop her.  

And sometimes situations go from bad to worse. For instance, an employee may go to the hospital to receive treatment for an injury he suffered on the job, which is typically covered under a workers comp policy. But, what if the employee experiences an adverse reaction to the medication and files suit against the employer?

Unexpected situations like these happen all the time. It’s Murphy’s Law at work. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  You just need to be prepared. 

Because Murphy Had a Law

Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group (KWIG) exists because Murphy had a law. We specialize in preparing for what we like to call “the unexpected.” With more than 65 years of experience in the insurance industry, we are experts in the unexpected. We examine what can and will go wrong and then determine which insurance solution or risk management tool is the best fit to protect you against the unexpected – all because Murphy had a law. 

Strength Built in Relationships

In 1952, KWIG opened its doors in Memphis to insure the first Holiday Inn hotels. Since then, we have grown to serve and insure businesses across the Mid-South and hotels, restaurants and resorts across the country. By virtue of the client relationships that we have built over the years, we have made a practice of immersing ourselves in their businesses. We get to know their operations, learn firsthand the exposures they face, delve into the unexpected so we can explore risk solution strategies.

The Perfect Amount of Protection

The programs we offer are not one-size-fits-all. We listen to prospects and clients to assess their overall risk. We spend time learning about their businesses. We evaluate their risk portfolios and customize insurance solutions just for them, including insurance products, loss prevention and third-party HR resources. With extensive industry experience, we advise our clients with the goal of being perceived as a partner who helps grow their business. 

Experts in the Unexpected

KWIG is here to be sure you’re protected when things go wrong. As experts in the unexpected, we thoroughly understand your industry’s ever-changing issues and deliver current risk management solutions to each individual client. Contact us, and we can discuss protection against the unexpected.